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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quantum Cello

It's time for a fresh look at things.


by Zoe Keating
Free download here.
Zoë Keating is a one-woman orchestra. She uses a cello and a foot-controlled laptop to record layer upon layer of cello, creating intricate, haunting and compelling music. Zoë is known for both her use of technology - which she uses to sample her cello onstage - and for her DIY ethic which has resulted in the sale of over 35,000 copies of her self-released albums and a devoted social media following.
Two words: Beautiful. Fresh.

Hear more of Zoe Keating and how she creates her "strange loops" in Quantum Cello from Radiolab (podcast below). The second piece, "The Sun Will Set" at 17:00 is my favorite.

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