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Monday, March 14, 2011

Dr. Seibel and Healthrock. The new Schoolhouse Rock...for medicine?

Chronicles of Boston Breakout: Day 3
This afternoon, we visited Dr. Seibel for a fun informal discussion at the Boston Medical Center. What a treat! He played us songs on his guitar from Healthrock, a creative music business he created similar to Schoolhouse Rock, except related to medicine and health education. Now here's a doctor who brings creativity and music to his motto of "It's better to stay well than to get well." Here's more about Dr. Seibel and Healthrock:
Dr. Seibel founded HealthRock® ( to make health education fun and easy to remember. His songs go in one ear...and Rock the other! As DocRock™ he leaves audiences smiling and singing his songs long after his presentations are over. He has written 12 musical CDs, the songs and lyrics to three musical comedies and has spoken at the US DHHS, the CDC and at professional meetings, schools and companies across the country. His motto is: “It’s better to stay well than to get well.” You can learn more about Dr. Seibel at
During our discussion, Dr. Seibel treated us to his very own performance of his own songs on the guitar, singing the lyrics with great energy along the way, ranging from Gospel to rap, on topics from colonoscopy and mammograms to healthy eating habits. It was such a delight seeing his enthusiasm and enjoyment as he performed. It certainly was contagious, and we enjoyed it very much! It was especially fun hearing his little improvised song to welcome us, along the lines of "greetings to students of Princeton University, thank you!" Well thank you, Dr. Seibel, for showing us the widespread powers of music to not just entertain, but to educate and heal. Well, Dr. Seibel asked for a testimonial so here's mine:

He left us college students with some parting words of wisdom:
"Try to think where you're going. It's important to know how you think in the long run. Explore, and then stick with your goal."

I'm inspired by Dr. Seibel's ability to bring his passion and creativity into his medical practice. In his words, I'm "sticking with my goal" to do so as well.

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